Concrete Waterproofing and Protection in Farming

In livestock farming and agriculture, great demands are set for hygiene while, at the same time, the environment is aggressive and the wear is hard. In such a situation, long-acting and environmentally-friendly Controll Innerseal concrete waterproofing and protection is a smart solution.

Prevent concrete damage and improve hygiene in farming

Controll Innerseal products waterproof and protect concrete in livestock farming and agricultural environments. For example, protecting concrete surfaces in poultry farms, feeding tables, milking stations, clamp silos and more, and thereby prolonging the service life. Controll Innerseal products are inorganic, completely environmentally-friendly, and only contain harmless mineral substances (silicates) that already exist naturally in concrete.

Regarding concrete floors and concrete walls in livestock farming, using Controll Innerseal for concrete waterproofing and protection make it possible to meet the very strict requirements set for hygiene. A waterproofed concrete surface is waterproofed so urine, faeces, liquids and chemicals can no longer penetrate into the concrete once it is sealed. The risk for contamination is reduced considerably. It also means that the surface becomes easy to clean and decontaminate. Controll Innerseal also protects the concrete against aggressive cleaning agents and high-pressure washing, no residues are left behind in the waterproofed concrete’s surface structure. Better hygiene in livestock farming is also a prerequisite for the reduced use of antibiotics.


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