CONTROLL TOPSEAL® - Water-repellent moisture protection


Controll Topseal® forms an effective barrier to damp in façades, walls and roof tiles. The protection is long-lasting, open to diffusion and protects the natural appearance.

Topseal® is a water repellent (hydrophobic) waterproofing that protects vertical surfaces such as brick façades and plaster façades against damp penetration and damage caused by damp. Topseal® also has excellent properties for protecting roof tiles against weathering, frost, algae and moss. Topseal® also provides good protection against damaging UV radiation. The silicates in Topseal have a reinforcing effect and bind concrete dust.

Topseal® penetrates deep into capillaries, microcracks and pores without forming a sealed film or darkening the substrate. For the best results, the substrate must be free of cracks, cleaned and relatively dry. There are three important rules that apply generally for all types of hydrophobing techniques:

  • Crack free - otherwise the risk for leaks and local damp and frost damage increases.
  • Clean and dry - dirt, algae and water in pores and capillaries impair the penetration of the hydrophobing liquid, which gives a poorer protection.
A façade treatment should always be preceded by an inspection and any defects should be remedied before a treatment is carried out. A hydrophobing only stops capillary water penetration and never replaces a need for repair that has been neglected. If the substrate is clean, dry and free of cracks, a Topseal hydrophobing prolongs the useful life and reduces the maintenance costs considerably. Topseal is an end treatment and cannot be painted over.

Tested and certified according to:

EN 1504-2, System 2+ (CE)
Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures – Surface protection systems for concrete

Byggvarubedömningen (Green Building Material Assessment) and SundaHus
Recommended by

ECO Institute
Free from VOC, carcinogens, mutagens and volatile organic substances hazardous to reproduction.



Roof tiles
Outdoor environments
Floors indoors


Limestone and sandstone
White and pale marble
Joints round ceramic and clinker tiles
Porous natural stone


Environmentally-friendly - certified
Water repellent
High diffusion openness
Counteracts weathering
Increases the useful life
Protects the appearance
Effective barrier to damp
Protection in depth