CONTROLL® INNERSEAL PLUS - Concrete Surface Hardener


Controll®Innerseal Plus(+) reinforces concrete surfaces against heavy wear and tear as well as providing protection against chlorides and aggressive liquids. The protection is open to diffusion, long-lasting and acid resistant.

Innerseal Plus(+) is a crystallising protective surface waterproofing especially developed for the protection and reinforcement of concrete in exposed environments. In connection with the grinding of concrete, Innerseal Plus(+) is used as a surface hardener and pore-crack filler without affecting the colour or the risk of white deposits. One treatment gives a good impact and scratch resistant surface. Innerseal Plus(+) can also be dyed using the Ameripolish colour system, Color Juice 3D, to create a decorative protected concrete.

Innerseal Plus(+) is based on highly filtered lithium silicates with fast reaction time (15-20 min). The surface can normally be taken into use after just 1 hour, which minimises any standstill in a business or building production. Innerseal Plus(+) penetrates deep into the capillaries, microcracks and pores and forms insoluble crystals that become an integral part of the concrete. The crystalline structure stops the transport of water but lets vapours pass through (diffusion). Because the protection is deeply seated, it is insensitive to external influences such as abrasion and impacts.

One treatment increases the durability (abrasion resistance) of new concrete by more than 35% and has a strong reinforcing effect on older, crumbling concrete, plaster and cement-based self-levelling floor screed.

The treated surface becomes slightly water repellent (hydrophobic) and this is a final treatment. If there is excess damp in the substrate, a deep waterproofing pre-treatment should be done using Controll®Innerseal deep waterproofing sealant. For stain protection on ground concrete floors, we recommend Ameripolish 3DSP or SR2 (oil resistant).

Tested and certified according to:

EN 1504-2, system 2+ (CE)
Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures – Surface protection systems for concrete

DIN 11622-2 (TÜV)
Chemical resistance for waste and biogas plants

Byggvarubedömningen (Green Building Material Assessment) and SundaHus
Recommended by

ECO Institute
Free from VOC, carcinogens, mutagens and volatile organic substances hazardous to reproduction.


Surface hardening of new/old concrete
Sealing cracks and pores
Protection against aggressive chemicals
Floor grinding (densifier)
Dyeing of existing concrete and plaster


Concrete floors in exposed environments
Industrial floors, warehouse floors, ground decorative floors
Car parks, garages
Water & sewerage systems
Jetties and quays
Washing halls, workshops
Cold and freezer rooms
Agriculture, biogas silos
Sawmills, paper mills
Recycling and waste facilities
Balconies, stairs


Environmentally friendly
Open for diffusion
Acid resistant
One-off treatment
Increases the useful life
Reduces the need for maintenance
Binds dust
Easier to keep clean

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