Acid Resistant Waterproofing for Concrete Biogas Silos

Our environmentally-friendly protection treatments protect, and prolong the service life, of some 2000 concrete biogas silos around the world. The system is tested and approved by TÜV for its chemical resistance according to the German industry standard DIN 11622-2 for Biogas and Silage.

Waterproofing for protection of biogas silos and clamp silos

Komsol and our German partner Betonseal GmbH are specialised in protective treatments for concrete silos used in biogas production. The biomass, from which the biogas is produced, consists of a mixture of cellulose and organic residual products from farming. The liquid biomass and the gas that forms in the silo are very aggressive to concrete and the underlying rebar must be protected.

We treat the inside of biogas silos in several steps using both Innerseal and Innerseal Plus(+). The result is a long-lasting protection that resists chemical attack and provides a significantly longer service life for the entire structure. Protection treatments are carried out on new biogas plants before they are commissioned as well as in connection with the renovation of older plants. 


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