CONTROLL INNERSEAL® - Deep Waterproofing Sealer

Controll Innerseal® is a crystallising deep waterproofing to protect concrete against moisture problems and strengthen the mineral substrate. The protection is open to diffusion and it is permanent.

Innerseal® is a non-toxic and colourless deep waterproofing that prevents water, acid rain, oils and other contaminants from penetrating. Thus, a proactive protection is formed against rebar corrosion, carbonation, cracking, efflorescence, weathering and algal growth.

Innerseal® forms insoluble crystals a few centimetres down in the concrete and becomes an integral part of the substrate. The protection is deeply seated and insensitive to external influences such as abrasion and impacts. Innerseal also has very good reinforcing properties in old and new concrete and mortar.

The treated surface does not become water repellent (hydrophobic) and thus can be coated with plaster or concrete, for example. If a water repellent surface is wanted, we recommend a combined treatment using ControllTopseal®. For stain protection on ground concrete floors, we recommend Controll SP Satin/Gloss.

For concrete surfaces with extra strict requirements to resist heavy wear and tear, chlorides or aggressive liquids, we recommend a combination treatment using Innerseal and Controll Innerseal® Plus(+).

Tested and certified according to:

EN 1504-2, System 2+ (CE)
Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures – Surface protection systems for concrete

DIN 11622-2 (TÜV)
Chemical resistance for waste/biogas plants

Life-365 / Nordtest NT-Build 492
Chloride protection, reinforced concrete is given 3 times longer useful life

EN ISO 12873-2: 2005
Approved for use in direct contact with potable water up to 70oC

Nuclear power stations (VATTENFALL)
Class: Green 2, among other things used in Wet Well (reactor inner containment) and cooling water channels

Byggvarubedömningen (Green Building Material Assessment) and SundaHus

ECO Institute
Free from VOC, carcinogens, mutagens and volatile organic substances hazardous to reproduction.


Permanent waterproofing of concrete
Superficial reinforcement of concrete and plaster
Reinforcement of weathered mortar and plaster
Protection against carbonation
Rebar protection
Prevents cracking during casting


Concrete, masonry and plaster
Roads, bridges, tunnels
Basins, water & sewerage systems
Industrial and warehouse floors
Foundations and slabs
Concrete in marine environments
Façades, cellars, walls
Balconies, stairs
Prevents cracking during curing and concrete repairs


In combination with Innerseal Plus(+)
Car parks, garages, washings stations
Sewage treatment plants, freezer rooms
Agriculture, biogas silos
Sawmills, timber driers
Recycling and waste facilities<
Fish farms (land based)


Environmentally friendly
Open for diffusion
Acid resistant
One-off treatment
Increases the useful life
Reduces the need for maintenance
Binds dust
Easier to keep clean

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