Komsol provides services to solve moisture related problems and create functional and long-term protection solutions for concrete, masonry and plaster. Mineral building materials have very complex compositions and respond differently to external harmful factors. Knowledge and understanding of the causes of the problems is crucial to decide on the right action. Our combined expertise in Komsol and our international network of test centres, consultants and contractors are here to assist in your projects.



Construction and operation-specific protective measures, performed by Komsol or authorized contractors.
  • Concrete and reinforcement protection by deep impregnation
  • Protective impregnation of concrete in chemically aggressive environments
  • Reinforcement and dust binding of concrete surfaces
  • Reinforcing crumbling concrete and mortar
  • Waterproofing concrete
  • Moisture protection for properties
  • Staining and stain protection for polished concrete


Komsol trains and authorizes entrepreneurs to design specific damage processes and applicable impregnation techniques.
  • Protection systems
  • Condition assessment
  • Preliminary preparations and work
  • Impregnation techniques and methods
  • Evaluation and follow up



Komsol assists clients, consultants and contractors with expertise in all project phases.
  • Damage and cause analysis
  • Substrate analysis and testing
  • Risk assessments
  • Design project specific applications
  • Functional verification and "proof of concept"


Determine the condition of the substrate, identify risks and causes of damages
  • Moisture - Digital short and long-term measurement
  • Carbonation measurement (decreasing pH in concrete)
  • Chloride content in concrete
  • GPRS scanning concrete (Ground Penetration Radar System)
  • Cover layer measurement
  • Frost testing in climate chamber (freeze & thaw cycles)