Concrete floors - Protection against abrasion and damp

Although Concrete floors are reckoned to be enduring, concrete is porous. Thus, concrete is sensitive to abrasion and damaging liquids, which easily penetrate and damage both the concrete and rebar. With Innerseal Plus(+) protection, the floor’s lifespan can be prolonged and create a work environment free from concrete dust. Here is a few examples of the best ways to protect concrete floors in different environments.

Dry concrete floors that are subjected to tough mechanical abrasion

A concrete floor in a dry warehouse environment may not need protection against damp. However trucks and pallet lifters, cause serious abrasion to the floor, which creates an unhealthy carcinogenic dust. Innerseal Plus(+) protects, binds dust and makes the concrete floor harder. As a result the floor is easier to clean, more scratch resistant and hard wearing as well as protected from mechanical abrasion.

Polished concrete floors

Innerseal Plus(+) helps improve the grinding and polishing process and provide a long lasting protection for polished concrete floors. Since polished concrete has pores and is absorbent, it easily stains. By using Innerseal Plus(+) during and after the grinding process, a sealed, scratch resistant and easy to clean surface is achieved. To achieve another colour than grey, Innerseal Plus(+) can be dyed with the Ameripolish dye system (25 colours). Finally, the surface is protected against stains with burnished Topseal or with Ameripolish stain protection products.

Concrete floors that are subjected to liquids and chemicals

A concrete floor in industrial environments must tolerate considerably tougher effects. Liquids like oils, glycol, chlorine, liquid acids, chlorides and more, can cause extensive damage. Especially, it can make the concrete crumble and the rebar to corrode.
In these environments, we recommend a combination of Innerseal waterproofing and Innerseal Plus(+). The protection, penetrates deep down into the concrete, seals micro-cracks and capillaries and protects right up to the rebar. This provides permanent protection and cannot be worn away. After Innerseal have been applied, Innerseal Plus(+) is added which increases the concrete floor’s abrasion resistance by more than 35%, and gives a durable concrete floor that endues tough environments.


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