Controll®SP - Hydrophobic / liquid repellent stain protection

Controll®SP is a water-based diffusion-open hydrophobic impregnation specially formulated to protect mineral substrates against water-based stains, contaminants, chlorides and colour changes. Controll®SP is available in glossy and silk matt finishes.

Controll SP is an effective and environmentally friendly stain protection for concrete and other absorbent stone materials. The treated surface becomes highly water-repellent (hydrophobic) and is a final treatment. This means, for example, that line painting, grouting, etc. must be carried out before Controll SP is applied.

Best performance and longevity is obtained if the substrate has been pre-treated with Innerseal deep impregnation or Innerseal Plus surface hardener.

Typical applications are grinded and polished concrete, plaster, limestone, sandstone, marble, micro-cement and other absorbent stone materials.

Controll SP leaves no film and allows the substrate to breathe. With Controll SP stain protection, spills such as oil, coffee, wine, etc. can be wiped up before discoloration occurs. But be sure to always wipe up spills as soon as they occur. If discolouration does occur, it is much easier to clean than if the surface had been untreated.

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Concrete, plaster, bricks and porous stone
P-garage against dirt and chlorides
Industrial and warehouse floors
Food stores
Public spaces and shops
Refrigeration and freezer rooms
Ventilation rooms
Recycle and waste facilities
Worktops and concrete furniture


Highly water repellent
Oil and grease repellent
Protects aesthetic values
Environmentally friendly
0,0 % VOC
Diffusion open
Reduces maintenance
Dust binding
Quick and easy to apply
Easier to keep clean

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