Product Tests and Certificates

Generally, tests and certificates are issued by institutes and authorities that have tested CONTROLL® products. Contact us at and request the report wanted or project specific tests.



Certified production control according to the Directive of the Council of Europe SYSTEM 2+
The production control is a condition for CE marked products to obtain System 2+ and thus, be permitted for use on properties, infrastructure and structures of substantial value.  Certificate Production Control 2_Plus



EN 1504-2, System 2+, Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures – Surface protection systems for concrete.
Innerseal and Innerseal Plus(+) meet the requirements for impregnation systems by a very good margin and are CE marked in accordance with system 2+. CE marking is a statutory requirement inside the entire EU for all surface protection products (waterproofing, hydrophobing and surface) for concrete. System 2+ is an absolute requirement if the product is to be used on structures. Performance declarations are available for downloading under each product.

Innerseal has been tested for protection against chlorides in accordance with Nordic NT-Build 492. The values were then entered as parameters in the Internationally accepted Life-365 software, which calculates the service life of the concrete structures. The results show that one Innerseal treatment gives reinforced concrete a service life that is 3 times longer. The report can be sent on request.

Chemical resistance / acid test DIN 11622-2 for biogas and silage silos
On the world’s largest biogas market, the German state, insurance companies and financing banks set high requirements for chemical resistance in biogas silos. Products for protection must go through a test procedure according to DIN 11622-2, where treated concrete is exposed to a large concentration of butyric acid, acetic acid and lactic acid for 3 months. Innerseal passed the tests without adverse comment. The original documentation is in German, but we have translated it into Swedish, English and Spanish. The report can be sent on request.

Use in nuclear power stations
Innerseal has been tested and approved by Vattenfall with the classification: GREEN-2, which means that it may be used everywhere in the nuclear power station and that surplus should be collected. INNERSEAL is included in a multi-year project in Forsmark to protect and prolong the service life of the concrete in the WetWell (reactor inner containment) and cooling channels.

Damp Protection Brick
The Technical University of Munich has tested the water uptake in brick. A combination treatment with Innerseal and Topseal reduced the absorption capacity by 20 times. The report can be sent on request.

Re-alkalization and concrete rehabilitation
Imasalab has tested the pH in old washed out concrete and has shown that Innerseal increases the pH significantly, in the sample from 8,8 to 10,1. This increase means that rehabilitation instead of demolition can be a very good option. The test also shows that preventive maintenance with Innerseal is not only important but also very profitable.




Recommended by: Innerseal, Innerseal Plus and Topseal.
Byggvarubedömningen has gathered the largest Swedish property owners in an agreement on one standard and one system. Together, they set requirements and take responsibility for a sustainable, environmentally-friendly construction here and now and for future generations.

Recommended/Accepted by: Innerseal, Innerseal Plus and Topseal.
SundaHus’s Environmental Data conducts health and environment assessments of products for the Swedish construction and property sector for new construction and rebuilding as well as operation. The customers include private property companies, municipal and government companies, county councils, consultants and entrepreneurs. The scale is from A to D, where A and B are accepted.

Analysis of toxic/environmentally hazardous content: 0% VOC
The German ECO Institute carries out chemical analysis of finished products and looks for carcinogenic, mutagenic and volatile organic substances hazardous to reproduction. The results are completely without adverse comments. The report is in German and is sent on request.




EN ISO 12873-2: 2005 (EU standard)
Innerseal and Innerseal Plus has been laboratory tested and approved for direct contact with drinking water up to 70oC. The report can be sent on request.

Direct contact with drinking water
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health performed toxicology investigations of materials that come into contact with drinking water. “The Institute of Public Health carried out a health study of Innerseal and found that there were no toxicological problems with using the product in contact with drinking water.” The report can be sent on request.

Direct contact with drinking water
The Norwegian Environment Agency assures that the use of Innerseal for sealing concrete damage in the water supply does not result in any deterioration in the quality or the health aspects of the water. The report can be sent on request.