Waterproofing of Plaster, Brick and Concrete Facades

Moisture in facades can cause major problems, not only by damaging the construction but also by creating a harmful indoor environment. With the right surface protection, the facade will remain dry and undamaged longer, which also gives lower maintenance costs and higher insulation properties.

Waterproofing for protection of facades

Moisture that penetrates the facade, will give both external and internal damages on the construction material. This results in expensive repairs, far earlier than what would have been necessary. Facades damaged by moisture also affects the indoor climate for residents, since moisture is a condition for mold, fungi and other microbial growth. Thanks to our products, Innerseal and Topseal, we can protect your facade against moisture, contaminants and other chemical attacks, and at the same time lowering maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Different facades need different types of protection – our specialists help you

Each facade is unique. Therefore we always start with a thorough inspection, where we review the existing damage and its cause. We carefully examine the building’s entire climate shell, that is to say, not only walls but also roofs joints, plates, air-regulators, windows and more. In this way, we can identify shortcomings and decide upon the preparatory work that is necessary before a protection from moisture can be carried out.

For example brick facades are highly complex structures in the context of moisture problems. For a waterproofing treatment provide satisfactory protection, the substrate must be free from defects. It does not work to waterproof or hydrophobe facades that are already damaged. Repair the damage first, protect against moisture afterwards.

What waterproofing product and method to use depends on the material and condition of the facade. With our experienced contractors in the industry, and expertise of material and construction, we will guide you to the most optimal solution for your facade.

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