Waterproofing Concrete in Garages and Carparks

Garages and carparks must endure both damp from the outside and slush and contaminants dragged in by cars. In particular, the concrete is sensitive to damp and damaging substances, though with concrete waterproofing, the entire structure is given a long-lasting protection..

Waterproof the garage’s floor and walls - protect all of the concrete structure

Garages and carparks must endure damp that can penetrate from the outside, but also water, salts (chlorides) and other contaminants that come in with the cars in the winter. Since concrete is a porous material, water and salts are absorbed which overtime reach deep down into the concrete floor and up walls and columns. Thus, start to crumble to pieces. When damp and salts reach the rebar, it starts to rust, and the supporting structure is damaged. In this situation, a renovation involves extensive measures at very high costs. Surprisingly, as good as all new and old residential garages are completely unprotected. 

It is wiser and more cost-efficient to protect floors, walls and columns in garages and carparks with Innerseal and Innerseal Plus(+) concrete waterproofing. The surfaces will tolerate damp, chlorides and abrasion from traffic. Which not only prolongs the structure's lifespan significantly but also lowers the maintenance cost.

A damaged concrete structure can look undamaged - what is the state of your garage in reality?

Garages and carparks are supporting structures that must endure high loads. Before taking measures in older garages and carparks, a thorough assessment of the construction should be carried out by an expert in that type of structure. We carry out initial examinations, including assisting consultants with mapping the rebar, protective surface coating using GPRS georadar, analysis of the concrete’s protective properties and test treatments.

It is important to bear in mind that a damaged concrete structure can appear completely ‘healthy’ on the surface, even though the rebar has rusted away and has become severely weakened. For this reason, our initial assessment of the condition becomes even more important. Measures always gives results, but it is only when we know the nature and the scope of the problem, that we can help you with the right solution.


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