Waterproof Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles - And Prolong its Useful Life

Rain combined with air pollutants has a damaging effect on roofing materials, including clay and concrete. With Topseal and Innerseal waterproofing, the useful life of the roof can be prolonged and underlying construction protected from damp related damage.

Protect roofs with clay and concrete roof tiles - Prevent moss, weathering and leaks

Clay and concrete roof tiles need protection against both water and acidic pollutants, otherwise they might leach and crumble to pieces. Both clay and concrete are strongly absorbent materials. With the damp follow destructive contaminants and risk for frost cracking. Roof tiles saturated with damp also create an attractive environment for moss and algae. As a result, such growth creates an acidic environment, which accelerates the deterioration of the roof tiles even more. If you have moss on the roof, roots can also force their way down and cause holes in the tile, and thus cause point leaks.

Topseal waterproofing - protecting roof tiles from damp

By first cleaning and then waterproofing the roof tiles with Topseal, the roof will resists both damp and pollutants. The waterproofing gives a long-standing protection that allows the roof tiles to breath. The weathering process stops and water is locked out, which prevents the moss and algae from thriving in the same way. Using Topseal as protection doubles the lifespan of the roofs and there is no need to clean gutters from moss and sand.

Seal the concrete in flat roof - avoid damp/water damage

In the event of rain, pools of water on flat roofs is a common problem. Usually flat roofs are provided with an elastic sealing membrane, however it is likely that the membrane leaks at joints and penetration. As a result, underlying concrete absorbs large quantities of water, which remains in the concrete as the overlying membrane prevents damp from being released. Insead, the damp spreads further to the roof structure which might lead to rebar corrosion/cracking.

Innerseal deep waterproofing - permanent breathable protection from damp

By protecting the concrete with Innerseal deep waterproofing before the sealing membrane is laid, the flat roof is secured from future damage caused by damp. In case the sealing membrane should leak, the deep protection would ensure that the concrete still resists the water. Thereby, serious damage to the structure and the interior is prevented.


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