Concrete Protection for Skateparks and Action parks

When the least damage to the surface of the concrete is crucial, concrete impregnation can make the whole difference. Here we provide examples of how Innerseal is used in skate parks and action parks.

Safe and durable action parks and skate parks with concrete impregnation

Concrete action parks and skate parks are subjected to hard wear and tear by skaters, weather and wind. Acid rain, air pollutants and cold weather cause the concrete to crumble. Hard mechanical abrasion also causes damage to the surface. The earlier fine and smooth shiny surface becomes with time damaged and creates high friction. A rough and damaged surface, moreover, increases the risk for injuries.  If the damage process is allowed to proceed for long enough, the rebar is damaged and the park becomes dangerous and must be closed.

Komsol Stockholm is specialised in preventive protection, reconditioning and maintenance of concrete parks in Europe. We train park builders, municipal administrations and skateboarding clubs on the best way they can maintain and manage their parks so more can enjoy them for longer. Basically, this concerns regular waterproofing of the concrete with Innerseal to protect and harden the surface without increasing the risk for slipping and injury. For this reason, it is totally unsuitable to use a “concrete paint” or another surface coating that forms a film that makes the surface slippy and dangerous. A concrete surface protected with Innerseal is also easier to keep free of graffiti and is not as easily damaged by cleaning chemicals.

Our concrete waterproofing, Innerseal, also strengthens the concrete surface and increases the abrasion hardness by over 35%. In this way, the useful life of the facility is radically prolonged. The waterproofing is completely environmentally-friendly and protects the surface in a natural way. On an already damaged surface, the damage should be repaired first. After this, restore the surface with the help of our special grinding and then waterproof the entire facility. We would be pleased to help with a thorough inspection of your park and the measures that are needed. For more information, contact: Lars Öjert, empassioned skateboarder and concrete renovation and protection expert @ Komsol Stockholm, Sweden.

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