Komsol – specialists in protection from damp and surface protection systems for concrete

In many ways, concrete is a durable material. Some believe that it lasts forever. However, due to its porous structure, concrete is sensitive to damp. At Komsol, we are specialists in preventing and solving problems with damp in all types of concrete structure. All concrete must be protected to last. We know how.

Since 2001, Komsol has been working with protection from damp, waterproofing and hardening the surface of concrete, plaster and brick. Moreover, our products and methods counteract both the chemical and mechanical deterioration of concrete.

A small player that works large

Komsol is represented by its own offices and by partners in Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia. With the help of authorised contractors worldwide, our products and methods reach out all the way to local projects. Our operative and mobile teams have unique specialist competence and long experience of preventive protection and damp related problems in various structures. We protect concrete in extremely exposed environments such as the manufacturing industry, biogas plants, washing stations, agriculture, sewage treatment plants and power stations. Whatever the problem you are facing, there is a solution. Our specialists help you find it.

The future’s surface protection and protection from damp – with its origin in the North Sea

The environmentally-friendly technology we work with was originally developed during the 1970s in connection with the construction of the Norwegian Condeep concrete oil platforms. The platforms are still standing in the severe climate of the North Sea today. Since the start of the 1990s, we have developed the technology further, into the world beating products for the waterproofing and hydrophobing of concrete that we now work with. Our silicate based, environmentally-friendly products are used today in many different contexts to prolong the useful life and to lower the maintenance costs for old as well as new concrete and brick constructions.

Do you want a durable and cost-efficient result? Let us find the reason for the problem

A good result demands the right measures and a well conducted pilot work. We always start, for this reason, by identifying the reasons for the problem. After this, we submit a recommendation on treatment and other measures that solve your problem. Cleaning, decontamination, repairs and waterproofing – we know what’s needed. Together with our authorised contractors, we prepare long-lasting and cost-efficient protection. Nor do we believe in treating symptoms. We prefer to solve the cause of the problems.

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