Concrete waterproofing for sewage treatment plants

In sewage treatment plants and pumping stations, substances are handled that are hazardous to both humans and the environment. The plants, which consist in the main part of concrete, take a lot of punishment in this tough environment.

Environmentally-friendly concrete waterproofing for sealing and protection of basins

The content of basins in sewage treatment plants is aggressive to both concrete and the underlying rebar. With our products and methods for concrete waterproofing, the basins and the structure are sealed against the leaching of the concrete, chemical attack and mechanical abrasion from large quantities of water in motion.

With the protection offered by our deep waterproofing products, Innerseal and Innerseal Plus(+), problems with both leached out concrete and rebar corrosion are prevented and, thus, the service life of the plants is strikingly prolonged. Our products are developed to seal and protect concrete in extremely exposed environments. They are environmentally-friendly, completely free from toxins/VOC and they are approved for use in direct contact with drinking water but protect, at the same time, the structure from many chemicals such as acids, salts, solvents, alcohols and oils.

The pictures below are some of our reference projects;
- Norway, Bergen’s new sewage treatment plant, 50,000 m2 treated concrete
- Morocco, Casablanca’s new sewage treatment plant, 24 km sewage pipeline
- Germany, Vattenfall Schwartze Katze coal-fired power station, treatment basins


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