Concrete waterproofing of waterworks and reservoirs

In water reservoirs and basins in waterworks and similar structures, problems arise with leakage and erosion. With Innerseal concrete waterproofing, the concrete is sealed and hardened in depth in an eco-friendly way. Our products are carefully tested and naturally approved for direct contact with drinking water.

Waterproofing concrete reservoirs and basins

Reservoirs and basins suffer primarily from two types of problem: leakage and erosion in the surface layer caused by friction arising from water in movement. Eventually, the cement paste leaches out of the concrete, there is a drop in pH that results in rebar corrosion and splitting.

By waterproofing the concrete with Innerseal, both the surface and underlying structure become stronger and are better to resists friction from the water. With Innerseal, the erosion is stopped since the cement is bound up and strengthened by the silicates in the product. The protection penetrates deep into the concrete’s porous structure.Thereby, it gives a deep seated protection against all types of abrasion. Thus, the plants gain lower maintenance costs and increases its service life . As a rule, the service life is prolonged by three times by one treatment (see test: Nordtest + Life 365). In case there is a problem with leaks through casting joints or static cracks, these are sealed either with our crystallising wash or by injection. Each project is unique, therefore the state of the plant and surrounding conditions, control which method we recommend.

Eco-friendly waterproofing for concrete in contact with drinking water

In waterworks and similar activities, high requirements are set on maintained water quality. Innerseal is an eco-friendly product that is thoroughly tested by several bodies. It is approved for direct contact with drinking water up to +70C in accordance with EY standard EN ISO 12873-2: 2005.


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